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Running the game of golf is challenging enough and when you are estimating your yardage into small greens or narrow fairways it makes it that much harder.

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This explains why manufacturers have created the golf GPS devices like the SkyCaddie which eliminate the guessing and give you more control of your club selection and yardages. Some courses are not marked accurately and often I’m wondering if the yardage I see on the sprinkler head is even close.

Golf GPS units are fast becoming the golfers’ main tool in playing a better game (aside of course from his golf club). They supply accurate and reliable info about the locations and distances of greens, water hazards, holes, and other markers. These devices could be very useful to those who are weak in figuring distances. Anyhow, if you consider that you no longer need these gadgets, wait because they provide much more than just a simple rangefinder does.

Garmin Approach G5

The G5 is the first Garmin proprietary golf GPS. Garmin has made GPS units for other companies like the GolfLogix, but with the Approach G5 Garmin has now made its first golf GPS under its own trade name. This GPS is super tough and is made for the abuses of the golf course. It is rugged and waterproof. The trail GPS units are developed for more abuse than a GPS will experience on a golf course. The Garmin Approach G5 is at the top of the price range for golf GPS, but it includes many characteristics that are extra expenses on less expensive GPS units. The most expensive extra charges for most golf GPS units are the yearly subscription and the costs for downloading golf course maps. The Garmin Approach G5 eliminates these extra charges. It includes more than 10,000 golf courses (in the United States) plus life free online course additions and updates. Garmin has already updated over 400 of the originally released courses. All this is boxed in the price of the unit. Easily go to the download page on the Garmin website and download the courses you want to play at no additional cost. Before you pay for, check that your preferred courses are in the Garmin database.

SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS

The SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS is truly such an marvelous device. It’s easy to use and has been accurate every step of the way. So far, my SkyCaddie and I have a partnership. While I indulge myself in playing golf, it generates sure I don’t have a hard time by calculating the yardages. This little gadget may seem like a toy to many but it has helped improve my game. I’ve already diminished about 1-2 swings per hole and for me, that’s a big improvement! Other than that, I’m enjoying golf more than ever. So, to anyone who wishes to have their golf skills developed, then I highly recommend purchasing this SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS.

Sonocaddie V300 Color GPS Unit

At first, I was surprised since I didn’t know that they previously created golf devices packed with a GPS system. I have a normal GPS (the one you use in the course of driving). Because of this, I accumulated more info about it-about its features, uses, advantages, etc. Eventually, I was convinced with what I’ve read and right away bought myself a unit. The unit has been working well. I’m happy to say that I don’t worry about entering a new place anymore. It wasn’t even hard to set up. All was little by little and soon I was able to download different course maps. With my new GPS device, I’m capable to gain a view of the course without any problems. Every distance measurement it has is really correct. With the assistance it has given me, I was able to perform a good number of rounds as compared to before. Additionally, each time I play, I improve. I see this because the gadget can record my scores. This Sonocaddie V300 Color GPS Unit has done a lot for me and I’m pretty sure it can do the same for other golfers out there.

Golf Buddy Pro Golf GPS

One of the great characteristics that has set the Golf Buddy Pro Golf GPS above its rivalry is the fact that there are no annual fees to pay for this unit. As well as that you will find that any additional courses that you would like to add to the system can be obtained free of fee by downloading from the manufacturers website. It has a 20,000 Course Storage Feature. With lots of other GPS golf range finders out there, you will see that they don’t actually hold that several golf courses in memory. It’s a case of downloading and deleting all the time to make the space for any additional courses that you might want to add. With the Golf Buddy Pro GPS, you get to hold a massive 20,000 courses in memory, with all courses in North America previously pre loaded. Now that’s a real time saver. It Easily Determine Your Distance To Hole: With the Golf Buddy Pro GPS you no longer need to worry about searching for all those sprinkler heads with the yardage marked on them to resolve your distance to hole, the Golf Buddy will pay attention of that for you, with an exactness of within 2 yards.

If you are considering joining the happy brigand of Golf GPS users make sure you do your assignment – actually if you go for any of the top name brands you won’t be too disappointed. Analyse and compare Golf GPS models. Do some in depth exploration and remember that like computers they are forever bringing out newer, better and cheaper models so if you don’t want to spend too much first time out then don’t. Get cracking today and compare Golf GPS models so that you can purchase this fantastic addition to your golf bag and really begin giving it to your mates on Saturday. You will not be sorry.

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